Supporting a Sister Author – Revolutionizing Intimacy

We are delighted to support one of our Author’s in the launch of their independent book. Tziporah Kingsbury was first published in our Women of Spirit anthology in 2014, and again in 2017 Matrika Press published a pocket-size book called Intimate Insights. Now, Tziporah is about to publish her complete manuscript: Revolutionizing Intimacy and we are so very happy for her! Please check out her Facebook event page <3

Poet JT Curran to present in Sangerville, Maine on January 28th

Matrika Press poet JT Curran, accompanied by musician Jason Curran, will present a unique service of poetry interwoven with music at the UU church in Sangerville on January 28th. Inspired by the works of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, e e cummings, a host of beat era poets, and countless American writers, JT’s colorful observations and thought-provoking reflections remind us that however we may navigate our experiences, our destination remains Beyond the Road.