Note about Marketing, Publicity & PR for Authors

(((If you are a publicist, PR agency, booking agent, etc and are seeking partnerships and collaborations, please email: as we have several authors seeking such services!)))

NOTES to Authors: Matrika Press titles are automatically made available on a print-on-demand bases to more than tens of thousands of retailers, libraries, schools, and other distribution and fulfillment partners, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo (Canada), and other well-known book retailers and wholesalers across North America.   ALSO: in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and other Global partners. A benefit of this enrollment includes key word searches so authors who may not be well known can have their books come up in topical and related searches by customers on retailers' websites and for booksellers via their distributor's databases.

Matrika Press is a book Publisher.

In addition to publishing books, we offer some “light publicity” services, such as sending out press releases and articles to local papers and media outlets to promote the launch party or anniversary event of a book.

We will support our authors in scheduling and planning such launch and anniversary events.  As well, we will assist our authors map a preliminary vision for their branding. Below are some examples of the kinds of publicity Matrika Press does in-house.

That said – we highly recommend for authors who desire more than the “light publicity” we can offer, that they reach out to one of our favorite publicity and marketing experts:

Amber Vilhauer specializes in Websites, Marketing, and Book Launches.

SAMPLE in-house Publicity!!

Women of Spirit Anthology – Authors – La Jolla, California Book Launch Party


Matrika Press offers light outreach via email to Author’s alumni associations, local libraries and book stores.  Such outreach extends an invitation to the recipient to consider hosting the Author as a guest speaker and/or for a book signing.  Some of our Author’s identify existing speakers platforms, events and retreats that they wish to be promoted to.  Again, we are happy to extend light outreach to place the Author on the radar of such event planners so that the Author can follow up with them to schedule.

We even offer light marketing to our authors, such as inclusion in our newsletters and posters we send out to UU and other liberal Congregations, retreat centers, libraries, and relevant groups who have expressed interest in our publishing mission.  As well as online group publicity, seasonally and during the holidays. The cost for this is incurred by Matrika Press as  part of our overall marketing budget.

One of our most beneficial non-publishing services to our Authors is the cross-promotion we do by inserting publicity for their books in the back pages of other Matrika Press titles, allowing our Authors to have higher visibility to audiences they may not have otherwise reached.

At this time, we cannot offer full-service branding, marketing, publicity, public relations, event planning, booking-agent services.  The amount of time involved in such activities would prevent us from being able to provide our Authors with the service we are primarily here to provide: Publishing Services.

There are wonderful service providers who offer distinct services that Authors can contract them for once they identify what their primary needs and visions are for their books and their lifestyles.

For instance, if you are an Author who wishes to be on the road doing book signings and public speaking, hiring a booking agent is a wise step to take.

If you are an Author who would prefer to not be in the limelight, yet have your books sell in multitudes online while you are in the comfort of your home, you can hire a marketing and branding expert who can design a multi-component plan to reach your exact target audience.

In either case, there are steps all Authors can be taking Right Now to begin to establish a following.

The first few questions to contemplate are:

  • Why are you publishing your book? What is the underlying motivation to do so?
  • How will you personally measure the success of your book?
  • Are you able and willing to engage with fans to promote your book by doing book-signing and public speaking events?
  • Do you have a social media presence? A Facebook page? A website? (These are all important to enhancing your visibility – – if you do not have time or desire to oversee your online presence, then it will behoove you to hire someone who will)
  • Do you have a budget to hire experts to handle your marketing, publicity and PR?  If not, do you have time, desire and willingness to learn how to do this yourself?

Here are two of the best articles we’ve found, both written by Seth Godin, that can serve to place this industry in perspective for Authors. They also cover much of what our Authors can do to enhance their visibility and increase book sales:

PLEASE, READ the above articles if you are an Author!