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Rev. Dorothy May Emerson’s memoir, Sea Change: the unfinished agenda of the 1960s, will appeal to the Baby Boomers among us! Journey with Dorothy on her trek through time, glimpse poignant portions of her life and discover her perspective on the work that is yet to be done to heal the world!

Now is the Time to enjoy Sea Change!!

By now many are wondering where the best places to buy this Matrika Press title – Click on the box below to discover many retailers worldwide selling this in-depth memoir of the 1960s. We highly recommend consumers in USA clicking on the Barnes and Noble links and enjoy the option of picking SeaChange up in your local store or having it delivered to the comfort of your home.

Sea Change

Time to Replenish – Summertime Vacation Notice

Time to replenish.

Summertime is approaching and Matrika Press will be closed for portions of time throughout the summer, including:

June 15th-June 25th;

July 11th-18th;

August 26-31.

Please note that no one will be available to take calls or return emails during the above timeframes.

Outside of this, you can expect no more than a 72 hour response time to your inquiries.

AUTHORS: To ensure you have the books you need for your summer events, please place your orders with Matrika Press four weeks prior to your scheduled events.  Likewise should you seek our design service for promotional posters.

Reminder: We recommend authors have with them in stock at least 2 cases of their books just in case you book a last-minute event. And be sure to check our FAQ page for tips on how to promote your work!

Wishing everyone a beautiful summer!

Open Submissions to a Pocketful of Sophia book

We are delighted to partner with UU Women and Religion as our fiscal sponsor and as a gift to our community of women, we offer this free open-submission to our newest pocketful book:  a Pocketful of Sophia, a collection of poems, rituals and mediations inspired by the sacred feminine.

Contributors please email your submission to:

Deadline November 15th, 2018