“Twinkle” Marie Manning


Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning is a seasoned writer and poet. In addition to her own books, Twinkle’s work has been published in several Poetry Anthologies (Florida) and also had columns in Island Life Magazine (Florida), Island Voice Magazine (Florida), Colonial Times (Massachusetts) and she was included in LifeByMe.  Featured stories about Twinkle have appeared in The MONTECITO MESSENGER, Concord Journal, Rolling Thunder, Bangor Daily, Portland Press and other local presses.

She is an interfaith minister, liturgist and retreat leader, as well as an award winning television producer, development director and event planner. While she considers herself semi-retired in the television arena, she resumed her role as producer and host to the Empowering Women television series in 2020 for their Maine-based production which will begin airing Spring 2021.

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