Matrika Press is an independent publishing house dedicated to publishing works in alignment with transformational religious and spiritual values and principles. 

Matrika Press has published anthologies, memoirs, poetry, prayer and ritual manuscripts, and other books to bring meaning and transformation to the world. A primary goal of Matrika Press is to publish stories and works that would otherwise remain untold.  We also resurrect out-of-print manuscripts to ensure our historical works remain accessible and publish transformational fiction for a small number of authors.

Beginning in 2022 we no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts.

With the exception of fulfilling contracts with existing clients, we will be focusing almost exclusively on publishing in-house books for The Church of Kineo, as well as Anthologies, Anthology Series and Pocketful Books for select clients in the spiritual and nonprofit arenas. We have found that this is our niche. For information about how to collaborate on an anthology as a method of outreach and fundraising for your organization, congregation, business or group, email Editor@MatrikaPress.com

Why the name “Matrika”?

It is said that Matrika is the intrinsic energy or sound vibration of the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet called “the mothers of creation.” The Goddess Kali Ma used the letters to form words, and from the words formed all things. This aligns with scriptures that assert “in the beginning was the Word,” and in other sacred texts that affirm people of all backgrounds and faiths agree: Words are powerful. More than that: Their vibrations are creative forces; they bring all things into being.

Matrika Press titles are automatically made available to tens of thousands of retailers, libraries, schools, and other distribution and fulfillment partners, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo (Canada), and other well-known book retailers and wholesalers across North America, and in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and other Global partners.

Matrika Press is part of Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning’s ministry and part of the larger nonprofit church known as Twinkle’s Place. Matrika Press, along with TV for Your Soul, serve as the creative branch of the ministry’s media projects.

It’s fiscal sponsors and publishing collaborators have included Melusine’s Haven, UU Women & Religion and CHB Media.

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ALSO View individual AUTHOR’s PAGES for local and online retailers of their books.

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Transforming the world with words.

Matrika Press is the publishing imprint for The Church of Kineo and the Matrika Press fiscal sponsor is UUWR, a 501c3 organization.

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