introducing a Maine Poet

Matrika Press is delighted to announce that we will be publishing Wesley Burton‘s poetry book, “Where the Sky has No Stars.”

Stay tuned for more information about this publication, including the release date and author’s signing schedule.

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Wesley Burton is a poet who resides in Maine.  His family are longtime members of First Universalist Church of Pittsfield.  His poetry reflects his deep appreciation for Nature and keen intuitions on the human experience.

intimacy and emotional healing expert

Matrika Press is delighted to be working once again with Tziporah Kingsbury!

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Tziporah was included in our first Women of Spirit anthology.   She is a relationship and intimacy coach who was a featured expert on ABC’s The Bachelor.  In addition to her work with individuals and couples seeking to cultivate stronger intimacy, she helps clients process through all manner of trauma, including the trauma of abortion.  

Tziporah’s book, “Soul of Abortion” will be published by Matrika Press.  Check back often for details about the book, release dates, and author’s tour schedule.

Supporters of reproductive justice and women’s health will be interested in the personal stories shared in this book by those who have chosen abortion, as well as Tziporah’s guidance on how to heal through the emotions and judgements that many experience.

Coming Soon: Therese’s Dream – Maine to Darfur: A Doctor’s Story!

Matrika Press is excited to share that we will be publishing Dr. David Austin’s memoir-style telling of his time serving Doctors Without Borders by sharing a compilation of his letters to friends and colleagues!

Coming Soon:

Therese’s Dream – Maine to Darfur: A Doctor’s Story!

Dr. David Austin was raised in Pittsfield, Maine where he has been a life long member of First Universalist Church of Pittsfield.  He began his medical practice in the 1980s and in the early 2000s began making missionary trips.  He joined Doctors Without Borders/ Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in 2008.

This book chronicles his time with Doctors Without Borders and illustrates the common humanity of peoples around the world.

Inside pediatric ward, Golo Sudanese boys

Winter Submissions 2015 – 2016

Submission Guidelines to be posted soon.

1s seed of life3

1. We are accepting manuscripts in line with our mission to publish inspirational and educational content in line with UU Values. Including memoirs, poetry, prayer and ritual manuscripts, and other books to bring transformation to the world.

2.  We are curating Contributors for upcoming anthologies:

– Women of Spirit –

– Men of Spirit –

– Metamorphosis of Spirit –

– Views from the Pulpit –

– Collection of Invocations –

– Sunday Morning Messages for Children –

– Myths

– Sojourn with Light Workers


For more information, please email:

Coming Soon!

Coming soon – Women of Spirit, Volume OneWomen of Spirit low res cover

This is the first volume of our Women of Spirit series presented by Matrika Press.

This book is a compilation of women sojourners, sages, mystics, witches, shaman, medicine women, philosophers, therapists, life coaches, yogis, and more. Their journeys. Their stories. Their teachings and practices. Poetry, Art, Rituals and Prayers. This anthology is full of useful tools and powerful messages for everyone who is on a spiritual journey to embrace and enjoy.

Beloved Contributors:

Anna Huckabee Tull
Bernadette Rombough
Deb Elbaum
Deborah Diamond
Debra Wilson Guttas
Geralyn St Joseph
Grace Ventura
Janeen Barnett
JoAnne Bassett
Julie Matheson
Kate Early
Kate Kavanagh
Katherine Glass
Kris Oster
Lea M. Hill
Meghan Gilroy
Morwen Two Feathers
Rustie MacDonald
Sharon Hinckley
Shawna Allard
Shiloh Sophia
Susan Feathers
Tiffany Cano
Tory Londergan
“Twinkle” Marie Manning
Tziporah Kingsbury
Valerie Sorrentino

Conceived, compiled and edited by
“Twinkle” Marie Manning

Cover Art by
Shiloh Sophia

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Welcome to Matrika Press

Matrika Press is an independent book publisher founded with UU values.

Matrika = the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet called “the mothers”

The Goddess Kali Ma used the letters to form words, and from the words formed all things…
…as with the bible…”in the beginning was the Word….”

People of all backgrounds and faiths agree:
Words are powerful

More than that:
Their vibration are creative forces;
they bring all things into being.

Matrika Press publishes anthologies, memoirs, poetry, prayer and ritual manuscripts, workbooks and other books to bring transformation to the world.

The first book to be published by this collaborative is “Women of Spirit, Exploring Sacred Paths of Wisdom Keepers, Volume One.”

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