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We have exciting news to share about a new anthology series we are co-creating with Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion:

The Sophia Anthology Series!

This Anthology Series will be part of an ongoing and ever-expanding fundraising initiative for UU Women and Religion.

Every woman who donates $100 towards membership &/or support of UUWR shall submit one entry to The Sophia Anthology Series. Matrika Press will publish a new edition of this series each time we collect 30 submissions.  Join us in this revolutionary and time honored way of sharing our stories with one another while at the same time enabling UUWR to generate operating capital towards its continued service.

Groups and Organizations may also support these publications by purchasing ads to go in the back of the anthologies.

We will have links posted mid-February to begin submission enrollments.


The Sophia Anthology Series

Book #1 Theme: Roots – Earth

Book #2 Theme: Wings – Air

Book #3 Theme: Diving Deep – Water

Book #4 Theme: Fire

Additional book themes TBA.

Find out how Your UU Congregation or UU Group can partner with Matrika Press to create fundraising revenue, outreach avenues, and publicity for you! Email: Editor@MatrikaPress.com