Intimate Insights to Revolutionizing Intimacy

We are pleased to announce the release of the  newest pocket-size book in our A Pocketful book collection by Matrika Press:

Intimate Insights to Revolutionizing Intimacy by Tziporah Kingsbury 


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A Pocketful of Intimate Insights

This book is an invitation to open your heart to a profound state of relating, free your mind of the emotional burdens and awaken your senses to life with this pocket-sized (4×6) book of quotes from “Revolutionizing Intimacy” – A Guide to Creating Profound Relationships in The Bedroom and The Boardroom

“This boundless form of intimacy is like an infinite garden without walls or borders.  It is priceless material and wisdom to cultivate, cherish, and nourish.”  – Tziporah Kingsbury, Soulful Relating Institute