Soul of Abortion – Online Book Launch Event

We are delighted to share that on March 5th, 2021 there will be an  Online Book Launch Event for Tziporah Kingsbury’s long anticipated book, “Soul of Abortion, A Compassionate Guide to Emotion Discovery & Healing.

Tziporah was first included in the Matrika Press Women of Spirit” anthology published in 2014. Matrika Press published“Intimate Insights to Revolutionizing Intimacy” in 2016 as part of our Pocketful Book Collection. She is also the author of “Revolutionizing Intimacy, Navigating Connection in a Disconnected World.” 

As an Intimacy and Relationship Educator and Author, Tziporah Kingsbury helps adults cultivate more vital emotional intimacy and inner peace to find their way back to authentic living and confidence in knowing and asking for what they need.

Regardless of how you feel about abortion itself, everyone can compassionately acknowledge that there is a healing that needs to take place post-abortion. Yes, physical healing, but also emotional healing! 

Tziporah’s new book is a blueprint that presents new ways to support the emotional and psychological impacts of abortion for women, their partners, and their communities as a whole. 

To commemorate her book launch, she is hosting an online event. She is offering valuable give aways, featured guest speakers, and, of course, will be reading excerpts from this timely book.

Follow link for details, and to RSVP: