Women of Spirit Volume 2: Transforming Lives

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Women of Spirit, Transforming Lives is the second volume in this Matrika Press Women of Spirit series. This book is a compilation of women sojourners, sages, mystics, witches, shaman, medicine women, philosophers, life coaches, ministers, storytellers, yogis, historians, and more. 

Their journeys. Their stories.  Their teachings and practices.  Poetry, Art, Rituals, and Prayers. 

This anthology is full of useful tools and powerful messages for everyone who is on a spiritual journey.

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Curated by: “Twinkle” Marie Manning

Contributors include:

Anne B. Gass

Anya Searle

Arica Walters

Beth Amine

Carole Fontaine

Cheryl Partridge

Danielle Dufour

Deana Sanderson

Erin Colene 

Fatima Al-Sayed

Jaishree Dow-Spielman

Jane Sloven

Kiana Love

Leana Kriel

Melissa Kennedy

Mika Leone 

Pam Swing

Patricia Diorio

Sloane Reali

Tam Veilleux

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Library of Congress Control Number: 2021951889 

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“The knowledge that you have emerged wiser 

and stronger from setbacks means that you are, 

ever after, secure in your ability to survive. 

You will never truly know yourself, or the strength 

of your relationships, until both have been tested 

by adversity. Such knowledge is a true gift, for all 

that it is painfully won, and it has been worth more 

than any qualification I ever earned.”

— J.K. Rowling

The above quote was central to the Curator’s selection process in weaving together the Women of Spirit, Transforming Lives anthology series. Women like J.K. Rowling courageously set the example of what it means to persevere in the face of persecution, keep moving forward in unspeakably challenging times, and to overcome enormous    obstacles on their paths to achieving that which they seek to bring forth into the world to benefit themselves, those they love, and even a world of people they will never meet in person. May women around the world continue to courageously transform their lives into that which they most desire and receive rich blessings for doing so.

JK Rowling’s Website Here.

Book Dedication to this lineage 

of inspirational Women:

  • For Suu Feathers,
  • Shiloh Sophia,
  • Sue Hoya Sellars
  • and Lenore Thomas Straus.

A lineage of artists and storytellers 

for which I am ever blessed to be a part.

                          “Twinkle” Marie Manning

Shiloh’s website, HERE

Suu’s website, HERE

CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS – Women of Spirit, Transforming Lives (WOSv2)

Anne B. Gass

Activist. Author. Historian. 

“We Demand

The Suffrage Road Trip”

Anne contributed a riveting excerpt from her new book that leaves readers excited to learn more about her ancestor’s intrepid journey – a journey all American women have benefited from and can be inspired by.


Anya Searle

Energy Healer. 

Rose Priestess. Entrepreneur. 

“My Journey

to Discover Divine Purpose”

Anya presents her radiant journey toward the sacred feminine. Learning to rely on her intuition and connection with Source, she saw the magical unfolding of her life towards discovering her purpose and guiding others toward theirs.


Arica Walters

Life-Coach. Spiritual-Teacher. 



from Sufferings through Peace”

Arica discusses the four levels of Material Universe in her essay. She reviews how energy flows and offers contemplations about the spectrum of frequencies with which 

manifestation occurs. Arica includes an ever timely guided meditation for World Peace.


Beth Amine

Multi-media Artist. Dance Instructor. Longevity Coach.

“Joyous Movement”

Beth has contributed a beautiful excerpt from her book exploring how movement and dance increase longevity and well-being. Her decades of research and embodiment of the Joyous Movement and Dance practices have led to helping countless individuals free themselves from otherwise debilitating mind-sets, 

enhance their bodies’ health and thrive! 


Carole Fontaine

Inspirer. Adventurer. Lightworker.

“Blessed Are The Tides of Life

—Align With The Flow”

Carole is known to some as the “The Sailing Yogi,” having lived 20-years on a sailboat where she honed her holistic and yogic philosophies. Her writing gives us a glimpse of such a life aboard a sailboat that many can only dream of. She offers insights on cycles in life as one grows, evolves, sheds and shifts. Carole introduces her S.A.I.L. principles and points to a single profound question for us all.


Cheryl Partridge

Global Spiritual Teacher. Healer. 

Homeschool Mom. Homesteader.

“Sacred Women Principles”

Cheryl introduces the 12 Principles of Life in her essay that is both autobiographical and tutorial. She teaches us that becoming aware of self in relationship to the larger whole is a sacred passage to be honored with contemplation and ritual. Cheryl offers a thorough template for a 

Sacred Sisterhood Circle of Healing ceremony that is practical, earth centered and magical.


Danielle Dufour

Spiritual Mentor. Empath. Medium.

“Mystical Messages”

Rev. Danielle Dufour helps people discover, process, and release emotional and/or 

physical pain from their bodies. 

In our Women of Spirit, Transforming Lives anthology she presents channeled responses to questions such as ‘How do I stay positive around dense or low vibrational energy?’ and ‘How can I keep my faith during 

unsettling times?’


Deana Sanderson

Energy Specialist. Yoga Instructor. 


“Journey Through the Chakras”

Deana teaches others how to heal the conditions of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. She specializes in biofield healing therapy and helps individuals navigate their current belief system to uncover patterns, ways of being, that contribute to their physical and mental dis-ease. Her essay describes the auric body in easily understood terms as she guides readers through the Chakras and their functions. 


Erin Colene

Life-style Coach. Writer. 

Self-Love Enthusiast.

“Lighter – Let it Go!”

Erin is a passionate advocate about healthy living. She inspires women to design a life that they really, truly love. She teaches that there are five main elements of health: emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, & financial. She helps women to align their head with their heart and their guts to eliminate the shoulds and the I don’t knows & the I’m sorrys and move mindfully 

into inspired & empowered action.


Fatima Al-Sayed

Truth-Seeker. Intuitive. Free.

“Healing Journey”

Fatima Al-Sayed, Ph.D. is a doctor of philosophy, specializing in holistic life counseling, 

a Reiki master and an EFT practitioner. 

She affirms that, while pain and suffering are synonymous to living and are bound to manifest in one form or another at varying scales, they do not have to prevail in anyone’s life. She discusses her healing journey, successes and set-backs and avenues of opportunities that open up when one commits to healing their suffering.


Jaishree Dow-Spielman

Ascension Coach. Author. Singer. Musician.

“Soul Ascension: Surrender”

Jaishree is an Ascension Coach, Author, and a life-long Singer/Musician. She is the Creator of Soul Mapping Matrix, a digital course on creating sacred space and staying sovereign, as well as Founder and Lead Educator of the Soul Culture Yoga School. Jaishree tells us that we can go beyond our trauma, stories and habitual patterns and grow into our heart-center. Her contribution to the Women of Spirit series 

presents the practice of Surrender.


Jane Sloven

Writer. Healer. Creator.

“Musings on Mortality”

Jane is the co-leader of contemplative and healing worship, a semi-retired clinical social worker, and fully retired attorney and mediator.  

She is a writer, healer and graduate of A Society of Souls, trained in non-dual Kabbalistic Healing.  Her essay is likely to give some readers goosebumps as they journey into realms of loss and grief, the paranormal and the veils between the worlds of life beyond death as we know it.


Kiana Love

Artist. Creatrix. Wild Woman.

“Wild Woman Speaks”

Kiana is the founder of Be Wild Woman. She is an energy healer who helps overwhelmed women and survivors of childhood trauma feel safe and loved, so they can trust themselves, find freedom in their bodies, and enjoy their lives. Within this book she offers channeled healing messages via powerful original artwork and written words from Wild Woman. These passages engage readers in 

life-affirming messages of the feminine divine within them and the physical attributes and 

visceral experiences women share.


Leana Kriel

Metaphysicist. Counsellor. 

Teacher and Student.

“Calling the Goddess Within into Power”

Leana specializes in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress and anxiety. Her contribution to our series offers a starting point for those amid transformation that begins with a review of oneself and their environment and leads to a series of prompts as a baseline to guide the journey. Leana helps connect clients with their inner goddess and guides so they can remember who they are and reclaim their lives.

Leana resides in South Africa.


Melissa Kennedy

Metaphysicist. Counsellor. 

Teacher and Student.

“Midnight: A LOVE STORY”

Known as the Psychic Cowgirl, Rev. Melissa Kennedy is first and foremost a healer. She is attuned to many different healing modalities including Reiki and Atlantean Healing. Melissa embodies all the Clairs, ie: clairvoyance (clear seeing); clairaudience (clear hearing); clairsentience(clear feeling); claircognizance (clear knowing); clairgustance (clear tasting); 

clairalience (clear smelling). 

In a world that can seem to hold so much Darkness, Melissa presents an unconventional love story in this volume of our Women of Spirit series.


Mika Leone

Healer. Teacher. Friend.

“Silent Screams:

Quieting the Mind in a Chaotic World”

Mika Leone-Pettit M. Msc. is a wellness practitioner and spiritual teacher. She has 24 years of experience in the health and wellness industry and combines several modern and ancient techniques to energetically work with her clients. She affirms we are seeds at conception with 

limitless potential to create and add to the 

conscious collective. In this anthology Mika

presents transformational poetry and a 

Quieting the Mind Ritual & Meditation.


Pam Swing

Writer-Artist. Grandmother. Seeker.


Pam Swing, Ph.D. facilitates sacred circles of women who are in transition and wish to deepen their inner journey. Through SoulCollage® and other expressive practices, she helps women recognize and cultivate the conditions that foster renewal and growth. An accomplished photographer, Pam has been exhibiting her feminine images of nature and other photographs since 1997. Pam took time from her current sabbatical to present one of her beautiful poems and images of her labyrinths in this anthology.


Patricia Diorio

Spiritual Mentor. Sacred Storyteller

Professional Intuitive.

“Paradigm Shift… It’s Happening Now”

Patricia is a Transformational Speaker & Sacred Storyteller who is committed to informing,

inspiring and motivating people to achieve their goals and dreams through raising consciousness by deepening spiritual awareness. She has a private counseling practice in Santa Barbara, CA and has been a transformational television talk show host to two TV series, having produced 335 shows. She presents her perspectives on the Paradigm Shift that is happening and explains why it is important to recognize it.


Sloane Reali

Warrior. Leader. Healer.

“Breathing Your Way to Balance

(Using your Voice)”

Sloane has been a Voice and Confidence Coach for over 20 years helping public speakers, teachers, therapists, doctors and authors to prepare vocally in their professions. Written memoir-style, Sloane recounts a frightening story from her childhood that segues into a lesson for all who need help finding and accessing their voice so they feel heard and supported in their personal lives, validated and respected in their professional lives. Aligned with Ayurvedic practices, Sloane encourages to listen to and honor one’s body, paying attention to the signs when something’s not right or causing stress.


Tam Veilleux

Visionary. Artist. Coach.

“Review, Reflect, Renew

for Clarity and Confidence”

Tam is the lead visionary of the Energy Almanac. 

As an author, artist and coach, her passion is for helping people who are stuck to connect the dots and shine bright, feel good, and grow to their greatest version of themselves through astrology, energy psychology and illustrated products and services. She presents a timeless method to plan for, and assess, one’s goals on a monthly basis. This process provides clients a focus and clear path to achievement, while reflecting upon that which is holding us back and that which brings us closer to our goals.



“Twinkle” Marie Manning

Semi-Retired Television Producer 

Author. Poet. Artist. Minister.

Twinkle’s writings have been included in publications and services around the world. Some mystic in nature, others raw with physical-world portrayals of the landscapes we live in, each are created with passion, emotion, reflection and thoughtfulness. She is a retreat leader and executive producer of the Empowering Women Project, TV Series and Signature Events. 

As an interfaith minister, her theology of Living Life as a Prayer is accessible to everyone who wishes to embrace life in gratitude and grace. As curator of our Women of Spirit series, she gathers together a dynamic ensemble of women from unique backgrounds to share their work, teachings, artistry and experiences.