The Circle Model

The Circle Model of Shared Leadershipby Elizabeth Fisher is a concrete group facilitation process that balances achieving tasks with emotional bonding. By using this book you will:

❃ Learn ways to bring a collection of indi- viduals together, in a committee, board, or activ- ist project, uniting each one’s efforts which are equally valued.

❃ Develop skills critical to honing participa- tory decision-making and supporting the soul of the group, which must be kept strong if the group is to accomplish its goals.

❃ Discover important principles, practices and tools that support effective collaboration within and among all the levels of organizations.

Elizabeth Fisher has used the circle model when facilitating Women and Religion committees, developing educational material and planning advocacy/activism events.

This book is sponsored by UU Women’s Federation and is a resource for UU Women and Religion in their facilitation of UUWR Shared Leadership Women’s Spirituality Retreat Series led by Gretchen Ohmann and Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning.