Elizabeth Fisher

Elizabeth Fisher is the Author of The Circle Model of Shared Leadership published by Matrika Press. Elizabeth been a leader in the UU Women & Religion movement since the early 1980s. She is the author of the participatory course Rise Up and Call Her Name: A Woman- honoring Journey into Global Earth- based Spiritualities originally published by the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation. In partnership with her husband Bob Fisher she presented workshops to fellowships, seminaries and churches over several decades, which helped to perfect The Circle Model of Shared Leadership. While developing the approach for Rise Up, Elizabeth collaborated with numerous contributors using Shared Leadership techniques. She also co-authored Gender Justice: Women’s Rights are Human Rights, published by the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, again sharing leadership.

Elizabeth holds a B.A. in Psychology, with dual minors in History and English from the University of Michigan (1969) and a Certificate in Publishing from the University of California (1986). She has worked in the fields of social work, law and publishing. As a writer and activist, she embraces diversity in human belief about divinity, and has spent considerable time exploring spiritual practices such as art, dance, visualization, song, storytelling, poetry, improvisation, study and reflection that honor the female divine around the world, from Anatolia, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Her work can be found at: www.riseupandcallhername.com and www.lucilesrednotebook.org