Tziporah Kingsbury

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Tziporah Kingsbury is the founder of Soulful Relating Institute™ –  As seen on ABC’s The Bachelor.  She is a groundbreaking transformational leader, intimacy expert and relationship mentor who serves thousands of clients all over the world.

Tziporah has 16 years of experience working with women, men and couples, helping them discover paths to move through a place of grief and despair and embody life in a new and vibrant way.   Essentially, Tziporah helps people to feel safe again, to be still enough to listen to their bodies, and to embrace their fears and emotions.  She helps clients tune-in to their own knowings and cultivate deeply intimate relationships.

Matrika Press is delighted to be publishing her book entitled, “The Soul of Abortion.”  We feel this book lives into our liberal faith and our work around Reproductive Justice.  Many among us support a woman’s right to choose the path of abortion, yet even within progressive thinkers, there can be conscious or unconscious stigmas attached to this issue.  Most specifically, that while it is a choice, healing may well be needed.   To that end, this book, in alignment with Tziporah’s work, helps guide readers towards healing from the trauma of abortion.  The book shares stories from women who have had abortions, as well as insights from Tziporah on ways to approach emotional healing. 

“The Soul of Abortion” is dedicated to women around the world who may have felt shamed, judged, condemned, scared, sad, grief stricken, lonely and loss from going through pregnancy and choosing abortion.

It is scheduled for release Autumn 2017.