Blessing Book – Original

This is the first in the “Blessing Books” Series published by Matrika Press. Blessing Books are created by “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning and are a source of intentional inspiration to be used in rituals, celebrations and communion as well as for self-reflection.

This Blessing Book is designed to be included as part of ceremonies honoring women during the milestones and thresholds of their lives. Such gatherings and occasions can include: Bridal showers, Baby showers, School and College Graduations, Career and Personal Achievements, Retirement Parties, as well as included in rituals for  Blessingways, beginning and ending Feminine Moon-cycles, Croning of wise women and other women-honoring ceremonies. 

Blessing Books can be given during times of joy as well as in times of sorrow. Truly whenever a circle of women gather in community to celebrate or support a woman, a Blessing Book can enhance the occasion by providing a cherished gift and beautiful memento to the woman.

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How to Use this Blessing Book: 

Whether you are in a group gathering, or pass the book from person to person over a period of time, have each one select a word that is meaningful to them. Place the word at the top of selected page. Use the content space provided to describe the significance of this word and/or how the woman being honored may incorporate it into her journey. Be sure to write your name in the designated space at the bottom of the page so she knows this message is from you!

This Blessing Book can also be a personal collection of wisdom words and insights, filled in by a solitary woman as she explores her own thoughts, intuitions, dreams, myths, cycles, spirituality, mind’s reasonings and heart’s desires.

Wherever you are on your journey, may this Blessing Book serve you well.

About the Author

“Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning is an interfaith minister, skilled ritualist and liturgist who has been leading workshops and seminars in the secular and spiritual worlds for more than two decades. She actively develops and leads programs that nourish women’s spirituality. Her rituals, reflections and poetry have been included internationally in all manner of worship services and publications.