IMM Authors

IMM members. We would like to honor your commitment to transformation in the world, by opening our publishing house to your works. We offer discounted rates to IMM members in good standing who wish to share their philosophies and theologies with the world.

Works are to be print-ready!


5.5×8.5 up to 150 pages


4×6 pocket-size books up to 40 pages, including our A Sermon in My Pocket Series!

Above prices include interior layout and cover design. Should you wish to have your work edited, we can refer you to editors. Starting rate is typically $500 depending on the amount of editing required.

Matrika Press Authors and Poets receive:

  • 50 complimentary copies of their book
  • a circuit of Press Releases sent to local media outlets,
  • an article written and submitted to their chosen local or online publications,
  • as well as gentle outreach to a several targeted media platforms (television/radio) the author desires to be interviewed by.
  • poets who wish to teach or speak will be referred to the UU Speakers Collaborative for personalized outreach options.

For more information, and to receive submission form please email:

Scholarships available based on need.
Our Matrika Press founder and publisher, "Twinkle" Marie Manning, is an IMM Graduate. These offerings are one of the many ways she gives back to her community and ministerial colleagues.