Anthologies: Curated vs Collaborative

NOTE: In 2022 we are pausing our unsolicited submission process to focus on current publications in the work with our partners and authors. Information on this page only applies to current authors.

Curated Anthologies

Matrika Press curates its own in-house anthology series.  It has proven to be a wonderful way to share important messages submitted by our authors as well as generate publicity for contributors. Our Curated Anthologies are by-invitation-only.  And often consist of authors known by Matrika Press founder and/or her trusted associates.  Additionally, Matrika Press authors may recommend colleagues to be included in these anthologies.  The typical cost to participate in these anthologies is $150.

Anthology Collaboratives

Matrika Press works with individuals and groups who wish to publish anthologies. These collections may serve as fundraisers for some groups (such as religious organizations and non-profit groups).  Other collaboratives are made up of groups of friends or colleagues who desire to publish together in an affordable way. Still others are used as means to generate start-up income or as part of crowd-funding platforms or as on-going revenue and publicity streams.  In all cases, these anthologies serve to promote and publicize important works.  We are happy to consider collaborating with you!

Typical packages are a 50%-50% split of contributor proceeds, advertiser revenues and book sales. 

We are happy to create custom packages for you and your group.

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