Sophia Anthology Series Submissions 2020-2021

Dear UU Sisters and Friends,

Please accept our invitation to join us on an adventure in literature as we curate our Sophia Anthology Series!

We ask that you submit your writing and/or art via email to us within the next six weeks.  You could write something from scratch, or draw upon a blog you’ve posted, article you’ve published, poem or chant or song or meditation or homily or sermon you’ve written.  Even an excerpt from a book you’ve published – or manuscript you have begun to write.  Whatever you have time and desire to submit, we will welcome it.

Below are the details.  Please email us any questions – and check the FAQ at bottom of this note.

In love and joy,

UU Women & Religion and the Matrika Press Publishing Team

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What to Submit by April 3rd, 2021:

  • a writing submission of your choosing (ie: an essay, article, blog, a poem, a song, a chant, a meditation, homily, sermon, etc) emailed along with your submission form and images to
  • Photo of you – headshot in high resolution – (and you can additionally submit photos of you in your sacred space or favorite place that we may place throughout the book and in our publicity)
  • Website address (one website address to publish in the book)
  • Three words to describe you
  • Mini-BIO (briefly tell us about who you are and what your spiritual and professional practice is)

BIO: Maximum 150 words and written in 3rd person, i.e. (see sample bios, here)

Here is a link to the RELEASE  for you to download:

sign and email with all documents to:

Please send all documents and information listed above in one email and title the SUBJECT LINE as Follows:


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The theme of the anthology is: JOURNEYS THAT SHAPE US

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Suggested topics to write about:

  • personal story or experience on your journey
  • if your are a spiritual leader: why you do what you do; what fascinates you most about your work
  • a lesson you wish to share
  • advice you wish to give
  • a myth (retold or created by you)
  • the beauty of nature, or of the divine (or whatever you feel called to)
  • how you honor your truth (your practice)
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 Essentially, write what you feel called to write.  Write what you have wanted to share with the world. You may be contemplative or playful.  

If you have had the work published already (or if it is an excerpt of something you intend to publish in your own book), please list this information so we can give credit to it.

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Samples of three words to describe you – this need not be a forever title 🙂  just where you are now, or where you are speaking from in this anthology

Journalist. Healer. Teacher.

Minister. Weaver. Writer.

Guide. Author. Mother.

Sojourner. Poet. Shaman.

Psychic. Medium. Mentor.

Yes, you may hyphenate:

Story-teller.  Spiritual-Coach. Contemporary-Shaman.

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Additional Notes/FAQ:

  • If you are among those invited and if you email your submission by April 3rd, 2021 it will be considered for publication.
  • Submissions may be brief, or up to 1,700 words.
  • We will edit submissions to ensure spelling is checked, and to a lesser extent – grammar.  But to ensure Your Voice comes through we will not edit much of the way you say things.
  • Each contributor will be able to purchase books at wholesale cost should they wish to give them as gifts or sell them at their place of business, etc.  Contributors will also be given links to post on their websites should they wish to offer the book for sale on their websites. Contributors will receive the retail proceeds of such sales.
  • Filling out and returning the submission form via email is confirmation of your agreement to the terms set out on this page.
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  • There will be opportunity to place an ad in the back of the book, yet there is no obligation to do so. All Sponsor contributions go towards a Matching Grant UU Women and Religion by the UU Funding Program to foster Women’s Spirituality.
  • We do ask that contributing authors purchase at least 10 copies of the book to help us raise our initial matching grant.