Morwen Two Feathers

Morwen Two Feathers

Spiritual-Seeker. Teacher. Rhythm-Healer.

For many years Morwen was a writer, teacher, and non-profit executive, as well as a well-known drummer and co-founder of Earth Drum Council. In 2012, Morwen developed aphasia, and in early 2013 a cancerous tumor was discovered and removed from her brain, followed with radiation and chemo. While she still drums and teaches rhythm, her expressive language center was damaged by the glioma, and she is re-learning to write. Her essay for Matrika Press’s Women of Spirit, Sacred Paths of Wisdom Keepers Anthology was written in 2011, before her cancer journey began.


UPDATE JULY 19, 2018

It is with sadness we share that our beloved author and friend Morwen Two Feathers left this world on July 17, 2018, surrounded by loved ones and rhythm. 

We will maintain a list of links, resources and memorials to Morwen’s gifts and work on this page.

What is remembered, lives.